Landscape Photos I Background  #577720

Landscape Photos I Background #577720

Landscape Photos I Background #577720

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Landscape Photos I Background

CGI Playground landscape photos are of highest quality. The Landscape photos are shot with high megapixel cameras and are perfectly suitable for use as backplates for CGI integration. The landscape photos roads and cityscapes can be used for personal or commercial projects. 

A personal license includes portfolios use, client presentation, studies, and non-commercial use. For commercial use please choose commercial license option.

For Full-Res assets please send us an email for individual quote


Medium Format. Camera: FUJI GFX50S 60 Megapixel

  • Focal Length: 32 mm
  • F-Number: f/11
  • Native Resolution: 8256 x 6192 px

360°HDR 32Bit

Perfectly stitched lighting 360°HDR with 32 Bit and up to 26 f-Stops.

  • Native Resolution: 30.000 x 15.000px