How are the images and domes that you offer produced?

All backplates are photographes with phase one digital camera with 39MP middle format sensor. The Optic used is a 45mm Medium Format lens with  74° Angle of view, which is  Equivalent to 28 mm focal lenght on 35 mm DSLR format. The original files are over 7K in resolution. A single TIF file produced by this back is over 200MB in size, for that reason we offer the image in JPG format, but they stil are around 30MB in size. Medium Format digital backs offer an unmatched dynamic range and are much superior than full frame 35mm format digital camera. Our domes are produced with the high end spherical camera that costst over 25K and delivers high resolution 14K 360°HDR Domes of unparalleled quality and perfection. The full spherical dome delivers 100Megapixel resolution. For each panoramic image, multiple full frame fisheye shots of 22MP each, captured from 5+1 different directions are combined automatically. The HDR Domes hold up to 30 f-stops of dynamic range. 


How big are the ZIP files i purchase?

Due to the huge resolution and super high quality the zip files are from 200 to 500MB in size, depending how many alternative angles are offered in the particular set. 


Where do i download my purchased set and where do i download my invoice?

You can downoad your purchased images in My Account / My Downloadbale Files. Your invoice is avaiable under My Account / My Orders.


What happens if my download fails?

You can redownload your purchased products anytime from your account. If you have slow connection keep in mind the size of the ZIP files. 


Why should i upload my images to your gallery?

If you want to showcase your work to us you can upload your renderings to our gallery. We select best works and publish them online. Moreover we select best works for our newsletter that goes out to over 15.000 people that work in major advertising agenceis world wide , so it's your chance to advertise your skills. The Image used will be credited with your name & website. 


How can i use the images and domes?

You can use all purchased images on our website for you portfolio, self-promotion and non commercial purposes such as : education, pitch, layout, präsentation. If you want to use the images for commercial purposes such as commercials and printed adverts, please contact us at mail@hdri4you.com